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February 27th, 2016 by Admin

Websites have a difficult initial responsibility: alluring visitors to pause just long enough to be swayed by the available content to linger a little longer. This website accomplishes this chore very well with the picture of an attractive woman on its landing page. It makes you wonder why more online casino websites are not similarly inclined: especially considering the poor job some sites do of attracting traffic.

Simplicity is always a good approach to this genre of websites. Online gamblers know what they are looking for. As long as there is a reference to it on the Home Page, they can find it. This site has pointers to all the relevant areas.

Unfortunately where 21Dukes is concerned, there are several indicators to the savvy online casino surfer that make them aware that this site is on the low end of the scale. Once you get past the pretty lady (yes, she did her job), you can’t help but notice the rather low offering of $1,450 for new members. Also, there’s no way to get familiar with this site’s games without downloading their proprietary software. I tend to get offended when a site is goading me into a download without the prospects of a trial run to get familiar.

Yet, there is something to be said for a well-designed site. Just enough animation to make for a dynamic website and bright impactful graphics can make for an interesting combination. Such were the icons that served as entrees to the game categories offered by the site (classic slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, and video slots).

Yet, the paucity of the games being offered could not help but get noticed. The site has to be given credit for masking its diminished offerings with a very nice graphical interface. Any newcomer to online casino gambling would probably be taken in by the glitzy presentation.

Although the menu items were fairly standard and typical of most online gambling sites, there was a new one that caught my eye: VIP Club. This was a promotion that was separate and apart from the usual promotions. It talked about loyalty and offered six levels of VIP membership (bronze, silver, gold, diamond, platinum and titanium). The only problem was that no explanation was given as to how to attain each level of membership. Again, the page was graphically impressive but only a novice would be taken in.

This website features a Leaderboard, but not all sites do. On online gambling sites I’m not sure what purpose is served by a Leaderboard: a listing of supposed winners and the amounts they have managed to accumulate by playing games on the site. Web surfers are a suspicious group of people. How do they know that the information listed is accurate? It would add to the credibility of a site if some other means existed to verify certain information.

Credibility is the coin of the realm in the online casino gambling industry. The 21Dukes site does an admirable job in covering up its deficiencies and, quite frankly, does a very good job of attracting inexperienced visitors.

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