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February 27th, 2016 by Admin

I love how interactive the software for this web site is. The software that is available for download on the 7reels Casino web site gives the online casino a realistic feel. You are greeted the same way you would be in a local casino and the games are presented the same way they are presented in a casino near you. This casino gives you a very realistic feel. You are playing real games, with real money, and with real people.

7Reels Casino is an online casino that connects many online casino players with their favorite casino machines and card games. 7reels offers classic slots; progressive slots, video slots 5 reel, video poker, table games, card games, and other games as well. For example, Blackjack Royale, Roulette Crystal, Dueces Wild, Glamour 9 lines, Red Chili Hunter, and Wild Sevens 1 line. There are enough virtual games to satisfy even the toughest casino addict.

This online casino is literally a virtual casino. Once you download the software you are personally greeted by 7reels trained support staff. The trained support staff will answer any questions any of the players have and assist the players with their needs. The casino games are the only games that can be played in this casino. In other words, this casino does not play with virtual money. You have to put your money where your mouth is. With virtual money you can play until your heart is content. With this virtual casino, your visa, Mastercard, or your American express card can be used to pay.

The 7reels virtual Casino has a news page on their web site. This page is truly a lifesaver; I hate hunting around web sites trying to find important dates and events. On this web page, you have access to when tournaments will take place, when special promotions will take place, and when new games will be released. Not to mention the bottom of the page shows weekly promos! However, you have to make a deposit to receive any of the promos. This makes me wonder, is it really a promo?

There is also a calendar that shows you majority of the same information that you can find on the news page. I noticed that they mentioned VIP players on almost every page of the website. VIP players are entitled to more games, bonuses, tournaments, and promos. I guess the saying is true, you get more when you pay more.

The first thought I had when I first visited the web site is wow this definitely is a casino. The theme presented throughout the entire web site gives you a small taste of Las Vegas. You will see virtual slot machines, dice, and other virtual components. The way this web site is set up is very appealing. All elements associated with it make you very anxious to download games immediately. The bold and bright letters and all of the events and machines you see listed will make you wonder what this casino has in store for you.

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