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February 27th, 2016 by Admin

How much animation is too much animation? The answer is, when it doesn’t add much to the experience of visiting a site. That was my feeling on the landing page of this site. The graphics were impressive, but they also tended to slow down my somewhat older computer.

A site should aim to minimize the negatives of the visitor’s experience, and no one would stay too long on a site that runs slow on your computer. Also, the animation gave an impression of a video arcade site instead on an online gambling site. Cars running on a race track, a machine gun under a bold headline of ‘gangster,’ and funny looking cartoon animals crawling across the screen. Certainly not amongst the typical casino games.
If you are a veteran online casino game player, you will probably be not too impressed with their promotional offer of a $2,400 bonus to new members. Other sites offer far more. This offer alone would suggest to a veteran that this site is on the lower end of the gaming food chain.

Prominently displayed on the upper half of the landing pages are four big pictures running horizontally across the page. They are really nice pictures (floating dollar bills, a card hand afire, a bucket of champagne, etc.); you are just not sure what they represent. Only after running my cursor across the picture did a text block appear that indicates these were really menu items (representing tournaments, winners, preview games, and promotions. Because of the heavy animation load, my cursor actually had to linger awhile before the text block appeared.

You begin to get the idea that the designer of this website over-thought the process. How many negatives does a visitor have to endure before they simply bail out? I’m guessing only two or three.

The Home Page makes the claim that, on this site, the visitor gets the opportunity of enjoying realistic sounds and graphics. I don’t doubt that at all. It’s obvious that this site puts a premium on looking pretty at the expense of all else.

Nowhere on the Home Page is there an indication of how many games are available on the site. Clicking on the appropriate menu item takes you to a page where there is a nice list of games made available, but you know that you’ll probably need a high-powered machine to indulge yourself. Even if you wanted to, this site does not offer the opportunity to play without downloading their special software.

The internet has been around for quite some time and web surfers tend to be far more sophisticated than many websites give them credit for. 7Spins Casino, on its Home Page, makes the claim that they’re “the leader of the online gaming industry” and that they “provide players with amazing casino features.” The problem is, the visitor’s experience screams exactly the opposite of those nice words. And whose side do you think the web surfer will come down on?

Many toy manufacturers, before they release a new toy in the market, would bring in a group of randomly selected kids and ask their opinion (would you play with this?) about the new toy. If the designers of this site had taken that practice to heart, they could have created a far more pleasurable web surfing experience.

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