Card Counting In Blackjack

February 5th, 2016 by Admin

Blackjack is a game that revolves around the dealer or house in many ways. A player is required to go first and if they lose, their stake will go to the dealer. Ever since games were invented, people have always attempted to find new ingenious ways to crack the system.In other words, cheat. It’s part of the human nature to want to cheat. Blackjack along with other gambling games is a highly valuable game that would be very profitable if one could find a way to cheat the system and win consistently every time.

Card counting is a strategy that most have employed to attempt to tip fate in their favor. This skill takes a lot of practice to master and its not entirely useless. If you can master card counting, you can use it in many other card games. Card counting isn’t new. It’s been around since the creation of blackjack. When the game moved to the cyber-world (Internet), with it followed the card counters. The process behind card counting involves memorizing all the cards that have been displayed, then attempting to guess which card will be dealt next. Card counters do this in hopes of attempting to memorize every card and the order its in. If you knew that all the high value cards were already passed out, then you would probably think that the next in line would be lower value cards.

It was very easy to use card counting to your advantage online, no one could watch you and if you were able to memorize the card or at least write it down, you had an advantage. Now, new technology has been developed to prevent or limit this from happening.Most online casinos now have a time limit that you’re required to respond with either a hit or a hold. However, some of the game players who are considered professionals, learned this skill online then progressed to using it at land based casinos.

This skill is not acceptable by many casinos. If any of the staff catch you card counting or otherwise taking part in suspicious activity, you will most likely be asked to please leave.

Online casinos have also taken steps to prevent card counting from happening. Many of the methods involve using two or more packs of cards, dividing the deck into parts of two and shuffling them quickly. Casinos usually hide the leftover decks to help put card counters off their guard.

Card counting is a skill that takes time to learn and to fine tune. Some may disagree that it’s not worth it. After all you need to have a great memory for this to work, and according to statistics, you would be given a 1% advantage above any experienced player.

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