Famous Poker Players

February 4th, 2016 by Admin

Most gamblers enjoy a well-rounded game of poker, just like every trivia enthusiast enjoys a nice dose of trivia. If you’re a gambler, a simple set of poker chips and a deck of cards will be enticing enough to make you want to play. For those interested in trivia, they’ll be pleased to know that there are many fascinating things to learn about poker.

Almost fifty million Americans participate in the game of poker just about every year. Poker is one of the most popular games available today. With the ability to access and play poker online, it will continue to rise in popularity. Poker started out as a small game that was played on special occasions or just every other week or so. Today, players play poker almost every day and at any time of the day. The gambling business has made this game popular. The evidence is in the statistics; they show that over seventy million decks of playing cards are created and sold every single year.

President Richard Nixon used his lucky winning money from a game of poker to help fund his very first run for the Congress. Not only did he enjoy his poker winnings, but he also wedged himself into the office using his poker money.

Richard Nixon isn’t the only important person that played poker. Groucho Marx made a name for himself because of his tendency towards playing poker; Marx was noted for wearing a grouch bag on his body constantly. In his grouch bag was the money he used to spend on poker games. It also contained money he had won from poker games as well.

John Mantagu, or the Earl of Sandwich, would play poker games often. He refused to leave tables he was playing at just to grab a bite of food. How did he overcome this slight problem? It was simple. He would order bread and meat and have a waiter serve it to him so he would never have to leave in the middle of the game, or leave the table at all. The Earl of Sandwich is to thank because of our evening meals, but also because of sandwiches as well.

How poker came into existence is a mystery. Many people have various arguments or theories about how exactly poker came into existence, but one thing is for sure; we know that poker will not be going extinct or dying out anytime soon. Its popularity and growth will continue to surge forward as more and more online casinos are built; they will feature this game and many other variations of it for poker enthusiasts and budding enthusiasts alike to enjoy.

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