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Real Time Gaming (RTG) has always been one of the most reputable software companies in the world especially when it comes to gaming. It is just too bad for the company that some of the sites they supply software to develop a bad reputation by limiting withdrawals or, sometimes, just making it just too difficult for players to withdraw their winnings. RTG’s name gets dragged into the controversy which is unfair.

Good thing there are casinos like Grande Vegas Casino who make it a point to be honest with their rules and be fair with their players.


I don’t like the homepage all that much because it’s a little too cluttered for me. I am a fan of simple and clean designs because that makes it easier for me to navigate the site. I find it easier to spot the links to places where I want to go. For one, there are too many links on the main menu: HOME, DOWNLOAD, PROMOTIONS, JACKPOTS, VIP CLUB, BANKING, SUPPORT, GAMES, LEADERBOARD, GOODIES, and FAQ.

However, the design chaos stops there. After several minutes, my mind settled on and I manage to navigate the site without feeling irritated. the rest of the functionalities do well.

Download and Flash Version

I was told by some friends that the instant play version is fairly new. They have been long-time players of the site. When they started playing, they had to download. So, if you are a Mac or someone who simply doesn’t want to download, this is good news. Head on here and you can start playing. However, you need to register first before even getting a glimpse of the flash version.

The download version, however, is much easier. It provides you access to all the games and also allows you better configuration option than the flash version. It’s fast to download and easy to install anyway. Just download the software and double click it when you are ready to play. it will install itself. You will need to register an account once you are ready to play, though.

The Games

Their games have four categories: TABLE GAMES, SPECIALTY GAMES, SLOT GAMES, and VIDEO POKER GAMES.

They have 15 games in the Table Games category and I decided to try all of them. I spent the entire day playing at least 30 minutes on each and I was more than happy with the result. First, understand that this is an RTG game. That means the graphics were superb. I can complain about that. The speed is impeccable. The only thing that could destroy the experience is you internet speed. Mine is fine, so it all boils down to my winnings. I won $1000. That is more than good in my books especially because my initial deposit is just $100.

The next day, I tried the Specialty games. I wanted to finish my review for the site on that day so I limited my play to ten minutes per game but I did try all of it. They had 8 games including a couple of versions of the Roulette and Scratch cards. I lost $100. That put my total down to $1000.

I went to Slots and played all of their 10 games. There wasn’t anything special on the game. It’s not bad. I even won a little over $100. However, they don’t specialize in Slots so you can’t expect anything extraordinary with their slots.

My last stop was the Video poker games. I had 9 games and I spent about 6 hours trying each one. I won another $100.


  • $100 welcome offer
  • $200 reward when you deposit at the beginning of the month
  • $100 when you deposit every Monday

They also have a VIP program and many other bonuses. Just check the site.


You can pay through:

  • Visa, American Express or Mastercard, Click and Pay, Moneybooker, Neteller, Direct Money, Wire Transfer, Playsafe Card, UCash, InstaDebit

Their site says:

“Payouts are processed Monday – Fridays (business days) only

Your withdrawal will only be sent to our processing department after a 48 hour (business days) pending period.”

But my withdrawal was process in just a little over 24 hours. After I made my request to download, I was asked to wait for some security check. I figured that it was the reason they asked for 48 hours. However, when I checked my account the next day, it was already in.

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