How To Play 5 Card Stud Poker

February 4th, 2016 by Admin

The game of Five Card Stud is incredibly similar to Five Card Draw. Unlike Five Card Draw, however, you don’t have the ability to replace any of the cards in the hand you’ve been given. This disables you from improving your hand. Just like in Seven Card Stud, you will receive a hole card and four open cards for all the other players to see.

Most variations of the game use the final card as the community card. Usually, the hands that win are usually pairs or high cards, because you are not given the opportunity to modify your cards for improvement. Other versions of the game may allow you to use the last card as a card to help with raises.

The game begins with a dealer giving each player in the game two cards. The very first cards that are dealt out are the hole card and the open card. Betting starts; the high open card is first and the rest follow in a clockwise manner. This is a continuous process until the betting has finished. This is known as the first two “Streets”.

The dealer gives a third card to the members; this is an open card. Betting takes place after this card is handed out. Betting begins with biggest open card and will continue until  are no more bets can be placed. The Fourth Street follows.
The dealer gives another open card; betting ensues. Next it’s time for the Fifth street.

The Fifth Street is the very last card. This is typically an open card, but some versions of the game allow this card to be used as a hole card, or even a pocket card. This makes for a more exciting game; it provides more mystery about the cards, as well as surprises. Lots of bluffs and strategic betting will enable this game to be more intense for its players.

Another interesting version is to use the first and second cards as your hole cards. The risk of using only the first card as a hole card allows many players, including the new ones, to determine how the game will go down the road. It’s better if the game is more conservative; this keeps things interesting and fun.

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