How To Play Pontoon

February 5th, 2016 by Admin

Pontoon is almost like Blackjack, but it has its own differences. Each player, including the dealer will be dealt two cards. All of the cards will be face down. The dealer is allowed to look at his own cards, but they must remain faced down until all the other players have finished their hands. If the dealer has a “Pontoon” (an Ace and a ten point card), he will be spared from this rule. When the dealer has a Pontoon, he will turn his cards face up.When he does this, all the other players will lose this hand.

If you were not fortunate enough to have received a Pontoon when you first accepted your two cards, then your new goal will be to achieve as close to the total of 21 without exceeding this number. If the score you have currently is below a score of 15 then you will have to accept more cards. You can ask for a “hit” or “buy” the next card. When you buy the card, it will be dealt to you face down. If you requested a hit, the card will remain face up. You continue to do this until you score past 15, but remember not to exceed past 21 If your score is past 15, you can ask to “stand” . This means that you are completed and content with the hand you have now.

After all the other players have used their hands, the player will then play his own hand. The dealer cannot get a stand until his score exceeds 17 or more.However, if he goes over 21, he will payout to all the other players. If the dealer’s score is a number between 17 and 21, he can choose to stand.

There are only two hands that you can use that will beat the original score of 21. You can use the five card hand, or the Pontoon that we used as an example earlier. A five card hand is when the player receives 5 cards that together, are less than 21. Pontoons and five card hands are paid out at a 2 to 1 ratio. They will beat the dealer’s original score of 21. The only things they will not beat is if the dealer himself uses the five card hand or the Pontoon. All the other payouts are even.

The only exception to this game is if the first pair of your cards have an equal score value. If this occurs, you can split your hand and also play both the sets of the cards with their own bets and potential problems. You then play each hand the same way as you would a standard hand and you are paid out in the same way as well.

Pontoon can be a very exciting quick paced game that is fun for all to play. You exercise a certain control in the game. It’s not that difficult to win. The dealer has to pay or beat you,this makes the rules simple to memorize and easier for beginners to learn.

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