Inside Dice Bets

January 31st, 2016 by Admin

Inside dice bets are bets made on the five, six, eight and nine. These are favorite betting numbers of many dice players. The reason these bets are used is they can be placed on these numbers at the discretion of the player. They also can be taken down at any time or just marked as “off” for a few rolls.

All four of these numbers are rolled often in the normal course of a shooter’s hand. When a table becomes hot, these numbers are the rolled repeatedly. With these inside numbers covered, the player receives a steady stream of payoffs. There are several ways the player can handle this flow of payoffs. The player can elect to keep the entire payoff each time it is paid.

Another idea is to press the first winning bet and then keep half of each payout and press the bet with the other half. The final way to handle the payout is to press the original bet twice and then keep any payouts from that point forward. The decision on how to handle winnings from these bets is a simple one. How aggressive does the player want to be in his play at the table? This determines the selected play of this group of individual bets.

When a place bet is placed on the six or the eight, the player is accepting the odds of a payoff of 6 to 5 if the number is rolled. The payoff on a placed five or nine that rolls is 7 to 5. As you can see if these numbers are repeating, absent the seven, and a parlay or partial progression strategy is elected, the winnings can accumulate rapidly. It is this betting strategy coupled with proper betting on pass line numbers by taking the odds that are allowed by the casino, which helps to cut the house edge in craps to the lowest edge on any game offered by a casino.

On a hot table the player should be doing the following bets. They should be placing the inside numbers. They should be taking full odds on pass line numbers. They should be buying the four and ten instead of placing the bet.

By doing all of these bets while the table is repeating numbers, the winnings can grow faster and make for a sizable score for the player. Winners at craps play properly and take full advantage of the bets offered by the casino. They know what to do and then they do it.

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