Knowing Your Limits Beforehand

January 29th, 2016 by Admin

Whether you are playing poker at the tables in a brick and mortar establishment or you have ventured into the exciting world of online gambling, it is always a good step when you know your limits beforehand. Knowing your limits beforehand can save you a considerable amount of trouble and financial distress. If you keep your gambling in check, you will ensure that all of your gambling ventures remain exciting and fun, not a source of stress and anxiety.

Knowing your limits beforehand helps you in preventing the possibility that you will become an overzealous bettor. An overzealous bettor often thinks, (and falsely so) that “just one more hand is all that is needed to rake in the big winnings.” Yet, that next hand can help break you financially, and poker, even with all the skill and knowledge that goes into the game, relies on the element of luck. Luck is not something you should ever base your financial dealings on: instead, set a limit and stick to it. You’ll find that relying on luck is a bad maneuver each and every time you do so: luck has a way on turning on the overzealous bettor.

To set a limit for yourself you will need to decide what you want to spend. Establish a bankroll and do not spend more than you planned. Of course, this does not mean that you have to spend your entire bankroll in one sitting. In fact, it is better if you pace your gambling carefully: create a bankroll that will last you a certain number of days or weeks. Knowing your limits beforehand can ensure that you get to gamble again in the future because you are gambling sensibly and in moderation.

It is also important to know your limits so that you can identify more significant gambling issues: gambling can become an addiction if it really gets out of control. Remember, playing poker is not about being financially devastated by foolish money management, it’s about enjoying the game. If gambling becomes something that is a source of financial stress, you will need to reconsider your pastime. You should never be willing to jeopardize your financial position to play poker. If you find that you have gone beyond your limits time and time again, it is a good idea to seek help for gambling addiction and to refrain from gambling at all.

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