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How to Play Baccarat

Playing baccarat is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is decide whether you think the Banker will win or whether you think the Player will take it. Can’t decide? Bet on a tie. Once you’re happy with your bet, hit Deal to see the cards.

How Baccarat Cards are Valued

Anything between 2 and 9 is worth its face value. But in this game, face cards and tens are actually worth zero. You should also know that in baccarat, there’s no such thing as “busting” (this is especially important if you’re used to playing blackjack). That means, if you’re dealt a 6, followed by a 7, you won’t have 13. When you hit 10, you actually restart at zero. So in the case of 6 plus 7, you’ll have 3.

Understanding How The Cards are Dealt

In baccarat, the Player is dealt cards first. Both hands are dealt either two or three cards. The number of cards dealt depends on the total value of the first two cards as follows:

  • If the Player lands a total between zero and 5, and assuming the Banker’s total is between zero and 7, the Player gets a third card.
  • If the Player has a hand value worth six or more, or if the Banker’s hand is valued more than seven, no third card is dealt to the Player.
  • If the Banker is dealt a 7, 8, or 9, no third card is dealt to the Banker.

How to Win The Game

Winning at Baccarat is actually fairly easy to understand. If the hand you bet on is higher than the other, you win. If you had bet on the Player to take it, you win even money. If you had bet on the Banker to take it, you win even money, but a 5% commission is taken. At Palace of Chance, you can also choose to bet on a tie. If you do, and assuming a tie is dealt, you’ll win nine times whatever you bet. So, if you bet $100 on a tie at the tables, and both hand values are the same, you’ll win $900.

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