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January 27th, 2016 by Admin

I have bought so many casino winning systems in my lifetime. Unfortunately, none of them have given me the results that they promised. If there was a system to beat the casinos on a consistent basis, someone would have figured it out by now, and the casinos would be out of business. In saying that, I don’t believe that winning at the casinos is an impossible goal. I’ve developed a system to win more consistently at the casinos, based on my previous wins, and my most successful nights at the casino. Here is my most successful winning system. Follow it and I believe you will experience more wins in a shorter period of time.

1) Winning is a long term objective

If you try winning too much money in a short period of time, you’ll bet too much, and end up losing it all. Any winning strategy requires patience, smart betting, and a long term focus.

2) Don’t gamble too much

You’ll soon discover that if you gamble too much, and you don’t win, your money will quickly disappear within a few bets.

3) Bet on high odd gambles

In Roulette, for example, betting on single numbers offers the biggest wins. However, it also offers the smallest chance to win. Betting on even money bets offers the best chances to win, even if the money is not as good. Winning a little bit of money is always better than losing a lot of money.

4) Don’t double up for losses

This is the fastest way to lose all of your money because probability is unpredictable. In times of big losing streaks, you won’t survive if you keep doubling up and losing.

5) Set a budget

How much are you prepared to lose? Never go beyond this amount. Leaving the casino dead broke is emotionally devastating and destructive.

6) Understand that losing is acceptable

Whenever I experience my biggest wins, its because the idea of losing did not concern me one bit. If you don’t care about losing, you will win a lot more often. I can’t explain this phenomenon, but it seems to be a reality.

Most of my wins using this system have come from the game of Roulette. Betting on black, red, odd, even, 1-18, and 19-36, I was able to win more often, and walk away with money in my pocket. This strategy works on most casino games that offer 1:1 payouts (high odd payouts). Even money payouts mean that you have a 45% chance, or more, of experiencing success (which is pretty great). In short, follow all of the above strategies, don’t bet too much, be patient, and you should experience more wins over a longer period of time.

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