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January 27th, 2016 by Admin

The average gambler will take the $50 dollars that they just won at the casino, and go spend it at the shops soon afterwards. The smart gambler will reinvest the money they just won, and will usually win a lot more! The only way to win a lot of money is to reinvest your wins. If you spend all of the money you win, you will have less money to back you up in times of big losing streaks. A large bank roll is the only way to win a lot of money. It helps you in two main ways; firstly, a bigger bank roll means you can place bigger bets. Bigger bets equal bigger wins. Secondly, a bigger bank roll will help you survive long potential losing streaks. Lets face it, it doesn’t matter how lucky you are, eventually, you are going to lose a few times in a row (unfortunately).

Here Are Two Tips To Help You Win More Money At The Casinos:

Tip One – Reinvest Your Wins

If you really want to win big, you have to reinvest your wins. A bit like a share investor who gains money from their stocks through dividends. They don’t just take that money and spend it, but rather they reinvest that money back into more shares. Thats the only way you are ever going to make a lot of money, by learning to reinvest.

Tip Two – Place Larger Bets

If you are betting with money you have just won, it doesn’t matter as much if you lose it. Why? Because this money isn’t really your money. If you lose it, you are losing money that wasn’t yours to begin with. Less risk and less fear usually equals more rewards in the long term!

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