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January 26th, 2016 by Admin

It is very common for people to gamble for short periods of time, and end up winning a lot of money. But what happens when these people get greedy and end up betting for extended periods of time? They generally end up losing everything! This is a process that I like to call time decay. Time decay means that time is against you when you bet for extended periods. Since the casino has a house advantage over the player, it means that in the long term, they have more of a chance of winning your money. Therefore, if you’d like to win more money, the secret is to gamble for shorter periods of time. Here are a few tips for avoiding the expensive process of time decay:

1) Bet For Shorter Periods Of Time

30 minutes is a good standard betting time. This optimum time span allows you to maximize your wins, and quickly leave before the casino’s house advantage starts to kick in

2) Increase Your Bets

Larger bets equal larger profits. Over the short term, this technique can be very profitable. Over the long term, however, it can be very expensive and costly!

3) Bet Intelligently

Don’t bet quickly without thinking. Bet intelligently, but bet for shorter periods of time. Remember, you want to win as much as you can before the casino’s house advantage starts to kick in.

If you start to lose after betting for long periods, then the reason is simple. At that point, your best bet is to take your money and stop betting. You can certainly beat the casino in the short term, however, its almost impossible to beat the casinos in the long term.

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