Online Poker: A Gambling Revolution

February 2nd, 2016 by Admin

Poker, the game of the beginner’s luck and master’s skill, has called gamblers across the globe to compete in vast arenas dedicated to the sport; television channels now broadcast the event on multiple sports channels. And with the advent of the internet, a new casino has been formed: online poker appeals to those who would rather not trek all the way to Nevada to get a high-stakes game, and to those whose faces aren’t the solid stone of a professional player. Online games are based entirely on luck, since that famous ‘poker face’ doesn’t come into play when you can’t see your opponent.

The greatest online poker players use other signs to inform their choices…a specific betting pattern will often make itself clear from a specific opponent, and factors such as reaction time can give a clue as to the charisma of the other players. A large, quick bet, for example, could mean that a player is very sure of their hand…and this is where the game of bluff comes in. By faking these factors, increasing or decreasing reaction time, betting large or small, a good player can lead the others to believe exactly what they want their foes to believe.

The stakes at an online poker table can range from very small – some sites allow you to open with bets of one penny, after which you might accumulate your wealth to a healthy nickel or dime – to very large, thousand dollar sums gained over just a few minutes of expert play. Money is handled through a complex system of legal loopholes…although an act in 2006 prevented gambling sites from direct transfer to and from American financial institutions, sites deal with this obstacle by instructing players to transfer bank funds to an online “e-wallet,” which can then be accessed directly by the site.

Online poker games act in a myriad of different net locations, running under many different formats and types of software; an important part of their job is to ensure that no cheating is going on in their game rooms. Although it would at first seem impossible to cheat in an entirely electric event, problems arise when players begin to team up on their competition, under the assurance that they will split all profits. At first, this scam helped the dishonest rake in large amounts of cash from their online poker activity. Eventually, though, online poker software evolved to the point of effectively preventing this activity by automatically cross-referencing every player with common opponents, removing them from rooms in which they could be working with an accomplice.

There are hundreds of online poker sights, but it’s generally safest to go with the well-known organizations to ensure your security…just remember, even online it’s not a game of luck, and practice is absolutely vital to develop a good playing style.

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