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February 23rd, 2016 by Admin

Certainly there must be a theory that web designers use for the color of certain websites, but I honestly fail to understand it. The background color of the Planet 7 Casino website is dark and foreboding: a dark auburn patterned background that’s inlaid with black. Maybe it’s intended to give an aura of seriousness. I just found it dark.

What’s the job of the landing page? It’s to invite people in. If you had already been a member, then you would probably not feel so put out. If you were a newcomer, I’m not so sure that you feel welcomed.
Because of its name, Planet 7, it’s immediately apparent that the website is enamored of the number 7. Aside from a big 7 located at the very top of the home page, there are no less than seven – yes seven – other large digits of the numeral 7 located front and center. Are they that proud of their name, or is there something else psychological going on?
On a positive note, the website at least offered the opportunity for visitors to play 15 of its most popular games without having to download any software. These covered the gamut of table games, slot machines, video games, and what was referred to as specialty games. It is always a neat idea to give visitors a chance to get acclimated before they decide to venture further.

Apparently, offering a big bonus for new members to join is standard procedure amongst the most popular online gambling casinos. Planet 7 Casino offers a signing bonus of; you guessed it – $7,777. Someone has a serious bias in favor of this numeral.

I was more than a little surprised at the way the website treated the number of games offered by this online casino. On the Home Page was a tab labeled ‘Full Featured Games.’ Going to this page got you to only nine such games. Yet, there was a listing on the same page that mentioned 100 online games that could be played. It really made me wonder how prevalent these other games were, if they were so understated.

On another positive note, at least there was a prominent display on all pages of the site of a toll free number to call for support. This is an important feature. Computers can often get locked up playing these highly sophisticated games and only help from the casino itself can often get you unstuck.

Going to the Promotions Page seemed to indicate there was a fair amount of offerings in this area but, quite frankly, they didn’t appear to be of much use to the newcomer. Gambling veterans might find some of them useful but it was poorly explained how valuable they were. For example, what exactly is a ‘Monday Funday Special?’
Because of the nature of the online gambling business, visitors want to be assured that they’re dealing with a legitimate enterprise. Interestingly enough, the Planet 7 website does its best work on its FAQ page (frequently asked questions) where it gets into the nuts and bolts of its operation. If only it could have applied the principles found on this page to other areas of the site, it would have been a more pleasurable visiting experience.

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