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February 17th, 2016 by Admin

Poker is one of the most popular games you will find in an online casino site and there are plenty of sites which focus solely on poker. This is perfect if that is all you want to play but many people prefer having some variety in their life. If you go to a casino, you would be annoyed if they only had one form of poker on offer and equally, while you would appreciate poker being on the list of options in an online casino, you would want to have some variety in the poker games too. This is where a game like Pai Gow poker can make all the difference for a casino.

If you want to be a winner when playing Pai Gow poker, it is important to understand the object of the game. Every player should be aiming to make two poker hands from the seven cards that they receive from the dealer. These hands should then be split into a five-card hand alongside a two card hand. The player should then be looking to make the five card hand greater than the two card hand and this is where the various names of the two card hands comes from.

It is often sensible to learn the language when it comes to various poker games offered by online casinos and Pai Gow poker certainly has some unique names to think about. When looking at your two card hand, some of the names involved with the game include; “in front”, “on top”, “hair”, “small”, “minor” and “low”.
Names for the five card hand include “behind”, “bottom”, “high” or “big”. With respect to the two cards, the player needs to concern themselves with high cards or obtaining a pair. With respect to the five card hand, the standard poker hand ratings are what you should be playing to.

Even though Pai Gow is a good variation on the standard poker game as it is, there are still a number of ways that Pai Gow poker can be played. The majority of these versions came into being between 2004 and 2009 which means that many were created with online players in mind. The first variation was called Pai Gow Mania which sets up the premise for two side bets to take place as opposed to the traditional one. Another style of Pai Gow is Fortune Pai Gow which enables players to make side bets for a hand that is a rated as a trip or better.  Fortune Pai Gow is rather popular in casinos these days but as you would not expect, not every casino provides this game. However, if you are a big poker fan, you will love having the Pai Gow option when it comes to playing casino games.

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