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February 4th, 2016 by Admin

Gambling is an exciting activity to interact with. Many of the gamblers go to events just to watch other people gamble. However, watching someone else play or gamble at a casino is a rude gesture. Many gambling movies were produced so that various individuals could watch other people gamble, and partake in the excitement on the big screen.

Casino is a close association of Las Vegas during its younger years. Robert De Niro portrays the manager of the Las Vegas Casino at Stardust. The mafia used the casino to funnel income through Las Vegas to fund their illegal tasks. The movie was produced in 1995, but its still worth it to watch to this day.

21 the movie is also considerably popular with the gambling and casino spectator crowd. This movie depicts the actual MIT blackjack team. Together this team would travel around Las Vegas and rip off thousands of dollars from various casinos. The story doesn’t finish there, overall its a great movie that almost any gambling lover should enjoy.

Ocean’s Eleven is a remake from the original film that was released in the 1960’s. This film demonstrates how remarkably difficult or easy it would be to rob from one of the Las Vegas casinos. This film allows you to experience what it would be like to rob a casino without the risk of being injured or killed during the robbery.

The Cooler is a fascinating movie for gamblers. While most of the movies that are produced with casinos or gambling in mind, most of the movies that are produced seem to be a little bit optimistic. This movie is the direct opposite. This movie features a man who is able to impact the gamblers at the casino. He controls how often they win, and enables them to lose all the time. This film is different from all the others, that’s for sure.

Rounders is a casino movie that focuses on the world of poker. Many of the poker lovers decided to give this game a try after watching this movie. This movie focuses on a player who loses all his fortunes and later comes back to being on top of the game.

James Bond played in the Casino Royale movie. Don’t be fooled though, this game does involve a lot of gambling. James Bond is a very professional player and he decides to play in a game involving high stakes. You should rent or purchase the movie just to see how he responds to the game. His reactions and the results may impress you.

Not all the best gambling movies are the most popular or famous ones. There are plenty of gambling movies, both new and old for the gambling lover to watch and enjoy for her or himself. After you finish watching one gambling movie, throw in another. Watching gambling movies never gets old. It’s exciting and a great way to entertain oneself. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to see some of the best gambling movies that were ever produced.

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