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February 25th, 2016 by Admin

The first thing that we will tackle is the website’s overall aesthetic. One thing that I absolutely loved about the website is its simplicity and straightforwardness. While the website does have the customary bright lights of traditional online casinos, it does not overdo it. This allows it to have a very welcoming atmosphere. This is unlike most online-casinos that seem to overwhelm their visitors with fancy images and bright lights that do nothing more but intimidate users.

Having said all that, the great thing is that when users do actually get to the gaming experience itself, the graphics and realism rival those of the aforementioned intimidating ones. Realistic sounds and detail-oriented graphics during gameplay capture the real-world casino atmosphere in the sanctuary of our own homes; this, after all, is why we are online rather than being out in a real casino.

Another strong point of Slots Village is the customer service. Out of the numerous promotions and bonuses the site offers many users feel like the casino wants them to make money. Allow me to highlight just some of my favourite promotions and bonuses the site has to offer in the next paragraph.

First, the 200% welcome bonus! It’s as simple as this; if your first deposit made was $50, you get a $100 bonus just for signing up! The minimum deposit for this promotion to be valid is only a very considerate $25. My second favourite bonus is the Birthday Bonus. Every year, on your birthday you are given $25 to use in the casino. What I love about this is not just the money itself but the sense of community that it gives its customers. The Birthday Bonus makes you feel that the website truly cares about you and it definitely puts the village in Slots Village. The third and final perk I will talk about is the newsletter. The newsletter is given out to members announcing any and all new jackpots or games. This ensures that users are up to date with all the jackpots that the site has to offer.

While some might complain the Slots Village does not offer a wide variety of other casino games, I personally am not bothered. After all, it is called SLOTS Village and not Table Village. While there are a few standard table games such as black jack, roulette, craps, etc., the site flexes its muscle in the slot department. There are so many varieties of slot machines on offer that I haven’t even been able to count the true number of how many there really are. Oh did I mention that some of those machines have a pay out of up to $200,000? In addition, if you may have hesitations regarding validity and fairness of the games, don’t worry. The software it uses is of the most credible kind. Slot Village uses online casino slot machine gaming software, from software giants Parlay Entertainment Ltd.

All the technical details of the casino allied with several easy banking options available are on par with the most successful online casinos any website has to offer. Overall, the Slots Village experience is a highly satisfactory one for me and I would highly recommend it to those seeking a straightforward online casino experience. Not to mention, your chances of getting a pretty good pay day are pretty high too.

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