The History Of Baccarat

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One of the most popular casino games that is still played today is Baccarat. History supports the idea that this game has been around for hundreds of years. The game was created around 1490 AD. The name Baccarat is Italian for ‘zero’. Two popular stories about the game have surfaced, one involves a myth and the other is about an Italian gambler.

The mythical legend says a blonde haired virgin was to be involved in a ritual, with nine different gods waiting impatiently for her outcome to surface. The gods watched as the virgin shook a nine sided dice and rolled it. After the dice had settled, her outcome was settled. Her fate was dependent on the side on which the dice landed. She could have three different fates. If the dice had landed on an eight or nine, she was to become a priestess. If the dice had landed on six or a seven, she would be banned from participating in religious activities for the rest of her life. If the dice landed on any other number below 6, she would be forced to step into the sea and vanish.

Many are not sure whether or not the game was created in either Italy or the country of France. Most beliefs involve an Italian gambler by the name of Felix Falguirerein. He created the game with a deck of Tarot cards. Tarot cards have a long history of being used to determine a persons particular fate. The four different suites of the tarot cards were used as a foundation for the cards we use today.

Baccarat was a game that only the noble wealthy could play in complete secrecy. The game was considered illegal. France soon came to the conclusion that more money could be made if they legalized the game. Soon enough, the game was legal and they started to tax the winnings. This tax was very helpful in improving various poor areas of the country. When Napoleon reigned over France, he made it illegal for the game to be played. After he finished ruling France, the game was now legal to play again, this time it was being introduced to casinos.

Baccarat was a very popular game inside of Europe. As the popularity increased, it soon spread to other countries not in Europe.

During the 1950’s, America introduced its own twist to the Baccarat game. Tommy Renzoni was the cause of this. The new spin was a careful combination of the two games of European Baccarat and the French Chermin de fer. Dunes Casino in Las Vegas was one of the very first casinos to introduce the game into their casino. Mini Baccarat was then created. This form of the game is frequently seen and played in North American casinos.

Baccarat also has been very popular on the ever popular online casinos. Many people will sign up or login into an online casino just to play Baccarat. It’s convenient and easy to do. Players don’t have to get dressed up just to go visit a casino to play their favourite games. Why get dressed up and drive to a casino when you can stay home and play the games you love online at your own leisure?

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