The History Of Blackjack

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Many debates continue about where blackjack originated from. Some say that the game was played before the birth of Jesus Christ, others argue that it was created shortly after the invention of cards. Regardless of where it originated, many people can agree on one thing; the game of blackjack is constantly changing. For an example, online games have often changed in many ways from how the game was played traditionally. The new blackjack game is fairly slack compared to how the game use to be played.

Some say that the game may have been invented during Roman times. No doubt that the game was different from today, there were no playing cards back then. However, blocks of wood with different assigned numerical values may have been used instead. If this is true, than the game would have been played in a most basic way. Gambling was at its prime during this time, the soldiers would use almost anything to gamble with in games. Such things included jewellery, animals and even wives.

Blackjack was even played in other European countries as early as the 15th century. John Guttenburg created the cards in 1440, and many games would soon develop afterwards that were very similar to blackjack. Similar in the way that they required card counting.

Some games may be very similar to blackjack, but they don’t have enough grounds to be considered the original blackjack game. Baccarat, an Italian game is such a game that is very similar to blackjack, but cannot be considered the original blackjack.

France contains the most closely related evidence for blackjack. During the 18th century, a game called 21 was enjoyed by the French aristocracy. The game was played in multiple rounds where the goal would be to aim for a score of 21. If the dealer achieved the score, he would only be paid 3 to 1.

The game of 21 soon found its way to America sometime in 1875. The game was first played in gambling halls during 1910 by its original name. The game wasn’t that appealing to the gambling folks, and new bonuses were added to attempt to increase its popularity. The name Blackjack was used when several gambling halls provided bonus payouts to any of the players who could land the most desired cards. Ace of spades, and jack of clubs or spades. The bonuses didn’t have a particularly long lifespan, but the name stuck.

In the 1930’s the game was the most popular game played in Vegas. The popularity has continued to grow today, with many of the professional players spending millions of dollars on the games at the popular casinos of the USA.

The Internet introduced new changes to blackjack with the birth of online casinos. Players can now enjoy the game without ever having to leave their own home.

Online casinos also offer many options for players. You can play blackjack switch or even offer to be the dealer yourself. Online casinos have enhanced odds because of the low operating costs of online casinos. This would be a wise time to either learn how to play blackjack, or seek out a reputable online casino.

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