The History Of Caribbean Stud Poker

February 4th, 2016 by Admin

The game of Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the many versions that exist for poker, an exciting game involving cards with an interesting but limited history. The very word “Poker” could fill a book with its own history. Poker comes from the French word “Poque”, which is the French’s twist to the German word “Pochen” which was defined as “to knock”.

No one can say for certain where exactly Poker originated from or how it came to be. Many believe that Poker was created during the 16th century from a card game of Persian ancestry. Others will argue that the card game came into existence in Europe during the 19th century. While we’re still not sure who it was that created this fantastic card game, we do know for sure that the French explorers brought the card game to North America. It was first played in the state of Louisiana. Many sources have suggested that New Orleans in 1830 was the first place to start to play modern poker. After quickly rising in popularity, the game wasn’t just played in Louisiana, but in the west as well.

We’re still uncertain as to who created the game , but we are aware that the tropical format of the card game was created on an island called Aruba. This island is a popular choice among tourists. With the fact that it’s just outside the coast of Venezuela, it’s no wonder the population contains over 100,000 people. Caribbean Stud Poker uses the rules of five card stud poker as a foundation for its inner workings. The biggest difference that separates the two are the fact that its the players versus the house instead of against other players.

This card game was first played at a hotel called Holiday Inn Hotel and Casino in 1988. The background of bright blue ocean waters and the bleach white sand was fitting for the description of the game. This place is now called the casino of Excelsior. The location continues to attract tourists from around the world. It has captured the interest of many gambling and poker fans as the World Poker Tournament for September of 2005 was hosted here.

Before the year of 1980 came to a close, Caribbean Stud Poker could be found on the Caribbean Islands, the cruise ships and the casinos in the immediate area. For the upcoming years it continued to enjoy its rise in popularity and by the year of 1992, it had arrived on American shores and finally settled down in Vegas.
Gambling experts in Las Vegas soon figured out that the original game wasn’t worth playing because of the insufficient rewards. To counter this, they spiced things up with a advanced jackpot to help enhance the gameplay experience. This small tinkering of this game boosted its popularity through the roof for both Europe and North America.

During modern times, it’s incredibly difficult to find a casino that hasn’t either heard of this incredible game or the game isn’t available for the people to play. If by chance you do find a casino that doesn’t host any Caribbean Stud Poker games, you can always turn to the internet. Many internet casinos offer this exciting tropical game for its members to play.

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