The History Of Gambling

February 4th, 2016 by Admin

Many of the games we play today has been part of a long and complicated history ever since the creation of humans. Many historical artifacts have been unearthed in many countries including China, Italy and Egypt. Some of the most impressive things that have been found are ivory dice that were created before 1500 B. About 3000 years later, a more modern pair of dice had been created and was currently being used in elaborate gaming halls during the 18th century in England. This was the most earliest forms of Craps being played.

Keno was developed in the country of China. It was played by those daring enough who knew that the odds were against them. This game use to be very difficult to beat or win. The original Chinese version of this game had over 120 characters that had been selected from a popular poem during the time. Some other forms of lottery have long been played in Europe, the introduction of Keno to America was due in part to the Chinese who had sailed to America soils. America soon adapted and used numbers over characters instead.They also decided that 80 boxes was more suitable instead of 120. Casinos adopted this form of design as well.

The earliest forms of playing cards have been found in China. It’s estimated the cards were created around the 9th century. As the cards were developed throughout Europe the fancy designs were removed and instead designs of royal men took their place. The French later tried their hands at designing the cards. A female replaced one of the kings with a queen. This is one of the standardized forms of design for our 52 card deck that is still in use today. Some of the most popular casino games still use this design for their cards.

The French are also responsible for inventing another popular game that is played extensively today, Roulette. The Original design from the French wheel contained only one zero in 1842. The bonuses and winnings that resulted from only single zero wheels were lush enough to launch Monaco the country into its wealthy state. America soon realized that they’d prefer to add another zero to the wheel so the advantages for the house were increased. A serious fan of roulette knows that their odds are more in favor if they choose to use the original European wheel instead of the Americanized version.

Baccarat also has a long line of fans who argue about its origins. Some people argue that the game was created in France. Others argue that it was created in Italy. Very few argue about how the most modern version of the game could be traced back to France. France de Fer was a considerably popular game for the wealthy and royal to play during the 16th century.By the 18th century it was considered one of the most popular games to play along side the game of French Riviera. Baccarat soon was just as popular in the USA. The game was introduced first to Sands Casino located in Las Vegas during the late 1950’s.

The fun and excitement for playing each game increases when you know the colorful history surrounding the game.

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