The History Of Online Casinos

February 4th, 2016 by Admin

Online casinos are distinct cousins of land based casinos, these are also known as gambling websites or virtual casinos. These sites provide a variety of entertaining games for the gambling community to enjoy worldwide, regardless of whether or not they are fit to see the public. You can presently stay home and enjoy a game of blackjack in the comfort of your own home, without even getting dressed. An online casino gives a better advantage to its players than a land based casino. Your odds may be easier to obtain online than they would be for the land based casino.

The first online casino opened its virtual doors on August 18, 1995. Internet Casinos Inc would soon pave the way for the other casinos, who would soon follow in their footsteps. Internet Casinos Inc had a variety of games for its members to enjoy. Eighteen games could be enjoyed and access could be granted to the National Indian Lottery. In order to avoid government regulation and issues, Internet Casinos Inc calls the Caico and Turks Islands its home.

Following the mid 90’s, two other online casinos would open their doors to the public.Both would claim to be the first online casinos.The Gaming Club and Intertops casino had started business before Internet Casinos Inc. After taking into consideration all the things it takes to build a successful dependable business, the online casino was considered a success. The online casino offered a honest service, payouts that were paid on time, extensive security and efficient customer support in events of trouble.

In 1996 a second sports book had intentions of opening and launching an online casino as well. The Interactive Gaming and Communications Corp was born soon afterwards.  The financial success of this website was not only based the internet platform on which the game relied on to be offered to the gambling community. Sports wagers could be called in via placing calls to Antigua on a toll free line.

Because of America’s scrutiny of gambling laws and regulations, the online casino has carefully developed outside of US soil. Caribbean Islands and some European countries open such companies with wide welcoming arms. Some governments have even started to see the possible profits that could be enjoyed if one opened their own online casino. Liechtenstein’s government seized the opportunity. Not only do they operate an online international lottery,but its very friendly to other customers who may not speak German.

Atlantis was the original premier online casino to be born in Great Britain. It was licensed under the authority of the Isle of Man, and this became a form of inspiration to Sol Kerzner, its owner. He would soon develop the concept of the thematic online casino.

This online casino has quickly become a hit. Not only does it offer five figure slot payouts, but also free tips to Atlantis and the Paradise Island in the Bahamas.¬† Atlantis implemented a VIP program specifically for London Club’s Members.

Rolling Good Times Online reports that there are an excess of 452 websites that tend towards the gambling scenes. The gross profit from online gambling websites is estimated to be around $ 49 billion dollars around the world on an average.

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