The History Of Poker

February 4th, 2016 by Admin

The game of poker is surrounded by a very interesting history. Many believe that the game originated from Persia because of its close connections to a game referred to as As Nas. Poker may have been introduced to America by Persian sailors. The game required twenty-five cards and at least five suits, and was frequently played like our modern Five Card Stud game. The name “Poker” may have come from the French word “poque”, or it might have been derived from German “pochen”, which means to knock.

This game was frequently played in New Orleans during the 1820s. A set of twenty cards would be used, and the players would place bets on their hands. The very earliest game of Poker was typically played with a twenty card deck, and the deck would be divided evenly amongst the players. No draws existed and all bets were placed on a limited range of combinations such as; one pair, two pair, triplets, and full. Unlike the original Poker game, the original best hand that contained at least four aces or four Kings and an Ace was considered unconquerable. The latest spread after this game seems to have been altered by the players who used to play the game while gambling on the riverboats of the Mississippi.

Afterwards, the game would increase the deck size to fifty two cards and “flush” would be introduced. The purpose of adding new cards was to enable more players to participate in the game of Poker. The game would continue to improve and change, even during the Civil War; many different versions of the original game were created during the Civil War, including the version of Five Card Stud. Poker originally was played with just one round of betting. All five of the cards would be given out but had to remain face down and there were no draw cards, which is just like the modern game of Five Card Stud game.

The top gamblers would continue to change the game of poker, adding different rules and changes to enhance the odds of becoming lucky and winning, and to also improve the profitability. Wild cards and the act of bluffing were normal and very common. The draw would be implemented around 1850 to allow another round of betting to ensue. Some of the characteristics that can be found in the modern game of Poker can also be found in some other versions of various hands and flushes, as this is where the game originated from.

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