The History Of Roulette

February 5th, 2016 by Admin

The history of roulette is an uncertain and confusing one. Many myths and legends exist around the game today. It’s hard to separate fact from fiction. The invention of the game is unknown, many have considered French mathematician, Blaise Pascal to be the inventor of the game. During the 17th century, Pascal was fascinated with motion and how things worked. Many people speculate that he invented the very first real roulette table.

Roulette simply means small wheels in French. It’s most likely that roulette was invented by Pascal during the 17th century, but during the 18th century, a few other versions of the game existed and was enjoyed by a few in England.In the 19th century, roulette’s french connection was established.

Two french men by the names of Louis and Francois Blanc, would invent the very first modern roulette table in the year of 1842. The invention included single zero tables that are still in use to this day. However, gambling was illegal in France. To counteract this, the Blanc brothers set out to introduce this exciting new game to many gambling halls all over Europe and the United States. Roulette soon had masses of followers who enjoyed the game, and ever since then, the game has been a popular game enjoyed by many people from around the world. The game was played by royal wealthy members of the community, it soon earned a reputation of being called the King or Queen of most casino games.

As the years have gone by, many new technologies have been developed, providing more exciting ways for this game to be enjoyed. After gaming was brought to life on the internet, roulette is enjoying even more popularity than it ever has. The game started out by being considered a game for only the wealthy or royal members of the community, now the came can be played by just about anyone, regardless of class.

Roulette is fortunate enough to have remained pretty much unchanged throughout the centuries.

The history of roulette has spanned over three centuries. The game started out as an invention from a mathematician, an experiment of sorts. The game is now a huge success at casinos around the world. Its highly unlikely that this game will lose its popularity and die.

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