The History Of Video Poker

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It may seem as though video poker has been around forever but of course, these games have only blossomed when the technology allowed them to. There are many games in the casino which have a history dating back so far that it cannot be properly traced but this is certainly not the case with video poker machines. Having the chance to use all of your poker skills but without needing interaction or to wait for other players to be ready is a good bonus for many players and the emergence of video poker has been of great benefit to many online casino players.

It is no surprise that the rise of video poker is closely linked to the rise of personal computers. Even though the first video poker machines were very primitive, their appearance in the mid-1970s helped to revolutionize the way that people play casino games and the way that casinos interact with their players. Younger players got games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man but the adults who loved to gamble were more than happy with the introduction of video poker to their lives.

One of the major firms behind the early video poker machines was SIRCOMA, Si Redd’s Coin Machines, who introduced these games to casinos in the US and further afield. The first major breakthrough game was Draw Poker, which was released in 1979. The 1980s were to be the breakthrough era of video games but it was the late 70s debut that paved the way for future success. As the 80s continued, video poker machines started to take up more space in the halls as many players found that they were far less intimidating than playing poker at a table with other players.

These video poker machines were also a huge hit with the locals in Las Vegas who were far more likely to play in the smaller local casinos as opposed to the major halls which inevitably attracted the tourists. The quick and easy nature of the video poker machines helped players to play when it suited them. With these local casinos providing more attractive odds or machines with a lower denomination, it was fair to say that these games were a winner for all players.

The graphics, game play, options, sounds and variety of video poker has changed immensely since the early days of the games but there are some games which draw on the style and image of these early games. Whether you are a traditional casino player who can remember the initial impact that these machines had or you like the retro style, it is obvious that video poker games still have a great influence in the modern casino.

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