The Legality Of Online Gambling

February 4th, 2016 by Admin

The ability to gamble online is a topic that has caused many debates. It’s been a very hot topic ever since the first online casinos opened their sites to the awaiting public in 1995. Casinos and gambling was very simple back then. There were states that allowed gambling and there were states and locations where it was forbidden to gamble. Nevada, Atlantic City and New Jersey are just some of the states that accepted gamblers with open arms.

During this time, internet casinos started to open and gamblers started to turn towards the internet to get their gambling fix. The government and law authority figures have had a difficult time trying to monitor and keep up with all the legal issues that online gambling may present. The very first cyber casinos were located in areas like Barbuda and Antigua. Both places are in the Caribbean which means they are protected by laws such as Free Trade and Processing Zone Act. These casinos were considered off-shore casinos and were perfectly reasonable and legal to operate under the right circumstances. However, because these casinos were available for gamblers to play online, just about anyone could play these games via the internet. The possible legal problems begin to rise, and the online casinos became a murky topic.

It’s illegal for an online internet casino to be set up in America. Should it be forbidden for someone to play or gamble on the internet at the internet casinos too? The Wire Wager Act makes it impossible and illegal for anyone to use the electronic wire process to transfer gambling money or gambling winnings to any facility where gambling is illegal. The internet can be used as a way to electronically wire money. The criminal wouldn’t be the person who was doing the gambling; it would be the casino owners who would be in trouble with the law. However, these online casinos are not based in the United States, so they cannot be prosecuted in the same manner.

Everyone who has signed up as a member for an online casino has probably seen, at one time or another, a terms of use agreement page. In fact, most of the online casinos require you to read and accept the terms of use before you can proceed any further into the game. One of the lines that you may have read in the terms of use is the statement about it being the user’s responsibility to contact the local law authorities in the user’s area and find out whether or not gambling online is allowed.

Some countries accept and allow people to create online casinos such as Australia, South Korea, France, Germany and certain areas of Canada. Over seventy countries will allow their people to gamble online, but each country does have its own rules and laws that pertain to online gambling.

Internet casinos will be around for a long time, and with more opening up every so often, more and more people will be turning towards the internet to do their gambling online.

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