The Three Types Of Gamblers

February 5th, 2016 by Admin

People gamble for a lot of different reasons. In most cases, gamblers generally fall into one of three categories. These categories include social gamblers, professional gamblers, and problem gamblers.

1) Social Gamblers:

Contrary to most beliefs, most people enjoy gambling because of the social benefits it offers. Visiting the casino with a few friends is generally more of a social activity rather than for gambling purposes. At the casino, one can relax with friends, have a few drinks, entertain themselves with a couple of casino games, and have a good time in a classy environment. Gambling is a fun social activity that can be enjoyed with friends any day of the week. At the same time, a lot of casino games are entirely social and played precisely for this reason, Texas holdem poker for example.

2) Professional Gamblers:

Speaking of Texas holdem poker, this branch of poker has led to several career paths for people who are classified as professional gamblers. Professional gamblers are generally people who gamble to make a living. Although the act of gambling is not usually recommended for anyone who is seeking a reliable income, professional gamblers are generally very skilled at what they do, and can often earn millions of dollars in prize money and income. This was certainly the case for Pius Heinz who won 8.7 million dollars for winning the World Series of Poker tournament in 2011.

3) Problem Gamblers:

This is a category of gambling you never want to find yourself falling into. Problem gamblers are people who are addicted to the activity of gambling. This addiction is very destructive and often to the point that it leaves them broke, depressed, and on the verge of being completely bankrupt. If you ever find yourself reaching this stage, you should seek professional help straight away.

There is nothing wrong with being a social gambler as many people pursue gambling for this reason. Social gambling is perfectly normal, healthy, fun, and a great way to meet new people. Professional gambling is a perfectly good way to make a living in exceptional circumstances e.g. Texas holdem poker. Problem gambling is never acceptable and is one of the ugliest sides of the activity of gambling.

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