The Value Of Position In Poker

February 4th, 2016 by Admin

Underestimated by many beginning and novice poker players is the various positions and their powers. Though it’s a very simple concept to understand, position can be overwhelming, especially for a beginning player. There are so many aspects to the game when you first begin playing the game. It is somewhat confusing, especially if you are in a live casino setting where there is a lot of activity surrounding you. Simply focus and relax. After that, you will begin to have fun when your nerves have settled.

When you play Texas holdem poker, there will be a dealer button, and to the left of the dealer is a small blind and a big blind. The player in the third seat will be the first player to begin the game. This player is referred to as “being under the gun”. Being under the gun is the worst position on the poker table, because you would be making the first move and every player after you may be able to get an idea of how you play. The best position on the poker table is the person who is on the button. This player is very influential on the rest of the group.

The seats are referred to as the small blind and the big blind. The first person to play on a normal nine-seat table has the following labels; seat one, seat two and seat three are commonly called the early positions. From this point, you cannot play many hands except for a monster hand. The following three seats are referred to as the middle position and will allow a chance of playing a semi-reasonable hand. The last three positions are considered the late positions and include the button, but the real strength lays in seats seven, eight and nine. If you are in a late position, you may be able to get away with calling or raising with a fairly weak hand in a middle position, as well as an unplayable hand in early position.

A playable hand could be a book by itself, however to serve as an example and save you time, if you are positioned in the big blind, small blind or under the gun and you have an ace nine unsuited or even suited, you will have to discard it. Many beginning players will think a picture card or an ace in hand is like Christmas when in an early position and that the flop will provide a winning hand. However, it is a bad hand and cannot be played in that position. Even many seasoned players believe they have to protect their blinds and these players are quite easy to find. They will continue to remain in this position with a weak hand hoping for something magical to happen on a flop. There are not many hands that you can play. However, if a big blind is raised, then you should show respect. They may have a hand that could destroy you.

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