Three Seasons of Sports Betting

January 30th, 2016 by Admin

Sports betting has three distinct betting seasons. The football season without a doubt overshadows the others in both popularity and the total money bet during the season. College and pro basketball follow the football season and has some degree of following during March Madness. This tournament brings in a lot of money as betters who follow college basketball have a decided opinion on who is the best college team in the United States. Pro basketball gets its share of the betting, although it is much more difficult to handicap than college ball. Baseball is popular with sports betters as it offers action every day. The long season allows betting opportunities every day and the playoffs and Series get a large amount of play. There are some unique plays that can be made at the end of the baseball season due to its overlapping the beginning of football.

Each season offers wagering opportunities that are different or lend themselves to special bets. A better can play combination tickets on all three sports. During the overlap of football and baseball you can combine bets on both sports. A five-team parlay could be made up of three football games and two baseball games If this bet is made, make sure the last game is separated enough from the others that you will know if you have four winners in. Then you can decide whether you want to make a guaranteed winning bet. Lets say the payoff if you win the last game is $1700. This payoff potential is from an original $50 wager. You could bet $500 the other way on the last game and guarantee your self a profit no matter how the last game turns out. Most professional sports gamblers structure their parlay plays this way.

Basketball straight bets are just like the other two sports except these games are not bunched into the weekend like they are in football. This means that a five-team parlay could be stretched out over an entire week. Lets say that early in the week you win two of the five games. You could then bet against your play on the next three games and guarantee your betting profit. This is a huge edge for you over the house.

Do not overlook under and over bets is both baseball and football. Many times this is an easier bet to win. This bet can also be part of parlays. The live casino towns have many pros that make a substantial living each year making these kinds of bets.

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