Website Promotion – How To Drive More Visitors To Your Website

January 27th, 2016 by Admin

It was the greatest day of my life. The website, that I worked so hard to build, was finally ready to upload to the Internet. “As soon as people see my site, they are going to love it”, I’d say to myself. When I discovered that within a month, I had only 5 visitors, I was shocked and disappointed. What’s the lesson here my friends? Well, no matter how great your website may be, if it doesn’t have enough traffic, it might as well not exist. What’s a great site if know one knows about it? If you want to be successful on the Internet, developing a great website is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is promoting your website!

Four simple ways to promote your website

1) Write articles

One of the fastest and easiest ways to increase traffic to your website is to write articles. Articles have two major benefits. Firstly, they bring instant traffic to your website (especially if the title and content are interesting enough). Secondly, articles are often taken by webmasters and displayed on their websites. This helps to increase your page rank, especially if a lot of different people display your article/s and link/s on their site/s.

2) Exchange links

Exchanging links with related websites helps to quickly increase your page rank. Exchanging links is fast, easy, and in some cases, doesn’t cost any money.

3) Submit your website to directories

Directories are great because they offer one way links back to your site. Submit your site to enough directories, and watch the traffic to your site start to soar! Free one way traffic; sounds pretty good to me!

4) Pay per click marketing

Pay per click marketing is one of the fastest ways to get instant traffic to your site. Unfortunately, its also one of the fastest ways to lose your money (if not done correctly). If you want to give pay per click marketing a try, then I recommend making your ads sound very exciting. If your ads don’t sound interesting enough, no one will click on them (one of the fastest ways to lose a customer). Also, don’t forget to specialise for a lot of related keywords. The more keywords you have, the more visitors you can target.

Finally, the most important ingredient to the success of any website is commitment. I have seen a lot of intelligent people fail because they were not determined enough. At the end of the day, commitment is what will get you through the hard times, and the challenges. Any long term goal requires massive commitment, especially Internet website success. Building traffic is a marathon (its certainly not a sprint). Hence why you need massive determination, commitment, and willpower.

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