What Are The Best Las Vegas Casinos

February 5th, 2016 by Admin

There is no doubt that even though many destinations around the world are trying to steal its crown, Las Vegas remains the most important place in the world for gamblers. Plenty of star crossed lovers arrive in Las Vegas to get married, but for most people who hit the strip, it is all about winning and having a swinging time. If you are traveling a great distance to Las Vegas, you will want to know about the best hotels in the area. This is definitely an area you won’t have a problem with, in fact, you may need some help in narrowing the choices down!

The Bellagio casino and hotel is one of the best known in Las Vegas, and the high stakes poker room entitled Bobby’s Room is a huge draw for many players. However, it is not just poker that draws you to the site as there are a number of great facilities in the casino and the hotel. If you are a high roller, you will adore what the Bellagio has to offer because there is an opportunity to play in a private room (if you can carry enough of a bankroll). If you are looking for the VIP treatment, it is hard to argue with what is on offer here.

The MGM Grand is another massive name in Las Vegas, and if you have a lot of money to spend on your trip, the Skyloft rooms could be the best choice you will ever make. These rooms are to be found in the penthouse, providing amazing views of everything that is going on in Vegas. You will also find that the employees cater for your every mood, making this a holiday destination you will always remember. The MGM Grand is also well known for its top quality restaurants.

The Wynn Las Vegas is another huge name in Las Vegas, and it is hard to argue with a golf course being present on the Vegas strip! This is just one of the quirky features that has helped this casino to become a well-known name in a short space of time. The hotel is bound to offer an unforgettable experience for most players, with polished floors and unique furnishings providing a great treat for any guest.

The Ritz-Carlton may be found 17 miles away from the main fun in Las Vegas, but there is no doubt that this is a hugely popular family hotel. There is a day camp for children providing a great range of activities, so there should never be any complaints of anyone feeling bored on their holiday. The hotel also provides shuttles to and from the main casinos, so you never have to feel as though you are too far away from the action.

Of course, for many people, you cannot have Las Vegas without mentioning Caesars Palace, and this is definitely the place to be for gambling and staying in a tremendous hotel. The hotel rates are very affordable, but it is the main venue that will be the best experience for sports betting fans.

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